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Bleaching Earths

The term bleaching effectively means decolorisation. Clays with high specific surfaces have great importance in removal of unwanted substances, most of which are colored, from liquids through adsorption. Those clays are

Filtration Equipment

Sharplex Filters (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a well known manufacturer of all kinds of filtration equipment in the world based in Mumbai in India, and we represent them in Turkey. Sharplex Filters were founded in 1993,

Activated Carbons

We have been the agents of Century Chemical Works/Malaysia and distribute and sell their "Malbon®" commercial brand powdered activated carbons for food and water treatment industries.

Catalyst Bed Supports

Catalyst bed supports are parts used in chemical reactors to support solid catalysts or molecular sieves from bottom and top, and also to regulate inlet and outlet flows. They are usually shaped as balls between


We represent Yasho Industries Private Ltd. based in Mumbai, India and sell and distribute their food antioxidants in Turkey. Yasho Industries were incorporated in 1985.